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... a cloud-enabled database of skin images using multi spectral image processing software dermoPrime is the ideal partner to help captivate your clients attention at first glance and connect them to the necessary treatments and ideal products Product Name: dermoSmart Series Description: dermoSmart Viso and harris is a low cost diagnostic tool with advanced skin and hair diagnostic system with unparal ...


... ucing and selling Self Regulating Heating Cable more than 60, 000, 000mt up to now, while exporting to international market including Japan, multiple European countries and North America based on the necessary certificate acquired such as FM, UL(COC), c UL, ETL which are North American Safety standard, and IECEx, Ex(ATEX) , CE which are European Safety Standard Продукты компании * Саморегулирующ ...

Guangzhou Shangcai Printing Material

... is a kind of manicures product whose operation is simple & convenient It s a rising star in the nail industry The horse eye sequins The horse eye sequins is the most popular product this year It is necessary to manicure and applique You can create various hot prints easily if NO 65 Tian Cheng Road, Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Guangzhou 510120 Тел : 0086-20-81883668 Факс: 020 ...

Hansen Protection A.S.

... 00 Fax: +4769001301 Hansen Protection AS is the world leading helicopter Pilot & Passenger suit & lifejacket manufacturer. We provide all necessary equipment for fulfillment of services related to pilot, crew and passengers transfer over hostile waters. Building on this experience, Hansen Protection has developed a full range of helicop ...


... evelop and search new items to introduce to the market We are dealing with various medical devices, PDO/PLA lifting thread, solutions and aftercare lines in the medical aesthetics industry and we run necessary educational program and consulting We grow fast based in china to Asia and spreading throughout Europe and Asia We are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing consistently high ...


... EL SRL SARIEL from over 25 years is active in the industrial sector, where he made systems, more or less complex, for different application, has acquired and consolidated the technical field and the necessary expertise to fully meet the most demanding requirements. SARIEL today con offer project, construction and certification for: Power plants Automation with robotics for industrial plants Aut ...


... th SECURE NATURE is the brand that uses a mix of natural and organic ingredients and extracts from seven organic farm products with rich in various vitamins Also we don`t use that really counts: No unnecessary chemicals, fillers or parabens Сотрудничество #505, 136 Gasan Digital 2-Ro, Geumcheon-Gu, Seoul, Korea Seoul 08503 Тел : 82-02-865-8630 ...


... he world. We believe that the service is essential, and this is our excellent after-sales service to establish a cause of departments. Sales in the market all our products, we are provided with the necessary parts and components. our professional engineers ensure that all maintenance work is carried out correctly and quickly. Partner-Mental is the Core concept of REMO, We promote collaboration ...

ЛОММЕТА Группа компаний

... lation of PRE-FABRICATED FRAME AND TENT MOBILE STRUCTURES OF RAPID DEPLOYMENT TO MILITARY AND CIVILIAN EQUIPMENT: shelters, hangars for aircraft, large equipment and machinery, tanks. LOMMETA has all necessary resources for the realization of large-scale projects: specialized software, a fully equipped manufacturing complex for the treatment of textile materials (automated cutting, welding element ...

Международная академия вертолетного спорта

... elicopter sport of Russia we organize training of world-class athletes on the Airfield Konakovo (UUEL), as evidenced by leading position in the world of the Russian National team. We have created all necessary condition for education in the area of pilot s techniques and flight experience. A warm hangar for storage and maintenance of aircrafts as well as mobail Jet1 and AVGAS 100LL refueling compl ...

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